+30 years of expertise in heavy-lift transport and industrial relocation

In 1992, Dextra Industry and Transport (Dextra Transport) was founded as a subsidiary of the Dextra Group to focus on professional logistics solutions primarily to manage all the logistic needs of Dextra Group, a world leader in steel construction solutions.

Since then, Dextra Transport has opened its services to third-party customers. Dextra Transport specializes in providing expert project forwarding, industrial and relocation services for large, fabricated modules and components, and bespoke general cargo services that cover air and sea freight, dangerous cargo handling, and warehousing.

Dextra Transport began its journey in Thailand by working in collaboration with its French sister company, located in Paris, called at that time CP Trans that Alstom awarded to deliver on a door-to-door basis, one of the first private power plants in the country in the 1993s.
As a result of the power plants that were constructed in Thailand during that period, the country witnessed a boom in development as a new wave of industrial power fuelled the nation.

Similarly, since then, Dextra Transport has grown exponentially and has been involved in hundreds of major projects of door-to-door transportation and industrial relocation of large industrial projects, providing the company with a unique global experience and engineering expertise it continually reinforces with its network of partners.


High level skills for transport project of all kind

Over the last 31 years, Dextra Transport has been operating in the Asian Pacific region and thinking outside the box to create intelligent solutions for oversized cargo.
The company is highly skilled in dealing with the most challenging transportation projects, having moved huge items for power stations, petrochemical plants, and the oil and gas industry.

To support its activities and to comply with today's safety standards, Dextra Transport employs a team of engineers that can offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to;

  • feasibility studies,
  • method statements,
  • sea fastening and grillage calculations,
  • road surveys,
  • operation procedures,
  • oversized and heavy-lift cargo transportation configuration drawings,
  • lifting and handling procedures.
dextra engineering


industrial relocation worldwide fracht group

Worldwide logistic network within Fracht Group

Dextra Transport was acquired in 2023 by FRACHT Group, an international logistics company operating from strategic global locations in all continents (currently +140 own offices in 50 countries). The FRACHT Group was founded in 1955 in Basle, Switzerland. It delivers innovative, comprehensive, and tailor-made logistics solutions that give customers quantifiable added value.
The FRACHT Group's project and heavy lift services include solutions in the power energy, rolling stock, oil and gas, mining/metals, alternative energies, civil and industrial construction and chemicals industries.

In the philosophy of the FRACHT Group, the clients are always the center of attention. Therefore, everything starts with customer focus and their specific needs. Furthermore, during the current fast-changing market conditions, it is most important to implement an agile and flexible culture in the group.

Today, Dextra Transport employs over 60 people in Thailand and Vietnam, providing worldwide solutions with the Fracht Group Network. By Specializing in door-to-door transportation, we are one of the most reputable companies in the market when safety, expertise and reliability are paramount.