Barging and Public Road Land Transport

Transshipments and Heavy Haulage

In order to construct Brunei new fertilizer plant 95km south from the only commercial port of the country (Muara), the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation project contractor thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions awarded to Dextra Fracht the transport of all equipment required to erect the plant on Brunei territory.

It included the Transport of more than 300,000 freight tons of equipment including containers, piping, steel structures and Heavy Lifts cargoes for the construction of the Ammonia Production Plant Brunei Fertilizer Industries.

50 Heavy Lifts cargoes split into 15 barge trips were transported by sea from Muara Port to the riverbank for load in and then hauled to the job site on public roads.

  • Port Transhipment

    Muara Port Transhipment

  • River barge towing

    River barge towing

  • In-house design and built river jetty

    In-house design and built river jetty

  • Absorber load-in

    Absorber load-in

  • Cargoes combined for tranport

    3 Cargoes combined transport

  • Night site delivery

    Night site delivery




March 2016

First offer

March 2018

Letter of acceptance

March 2019

Road improvements completion

April 2019

First Heavy Lift shipment

January 2020

Last Heavy Lift Shipment

October 2020

Last general cargo shipment


Bridge Reinforcements and Road Works

Planning, and multimodal transport methods were the key factors for the success of the project.

To ensure safe and successful operations in a tight delivery schedule, Dextra Fracht engineered, prepared and launched year in advance civil work modifications to overcome major obstacles on the Heavy Lift cargoes itinerary as listed below:

  1. Construction of a landing facility to offload the Heavy Lifts cargoes on the riverbank by RORO. Allowing temporary storage of the cargoes before road transport by night.
  2. Road curve works enlargement for 30 side by side axles modular trailer maneuvers at several locations along the itinerary.
  3. Survey and permanent reinforcement works on 5 bridges to allow safe passage of Heavy Lifts Convoys.
  4. Temporary and permanent raise of electrical high voltage power lines (3 units).

Before and during execution of the operations, Dextra expertise in multimodal transports enabled to prepare engineering documents, such as lifting, stowage, ballast, transportation plans and method statements. Thanks to the supervision and management of the operations in-situ, our team has managed to safely deliver all the project equipment to their final destination on time and without damage.

The most remarkable transport was the Absorber (48.9x6.5x6.9m – 420mT) transported on a hydraulic modular trailer 30 axles side by side.

Quick installation and removal of soft lashing chains allowed our team to follow the schedule without any delays, but also to make the MWS confident in our technical solutions.

Expert in Project Transport and Heavy Lift, Dextra Fracht has been able to efficiently tackle the challenges without comprising safety and planning imposed by a high volume of cargoes in a short period of time in Brunei.
From the preparation work, logistics, custom, permits, coordination and supervision of the operations, including the design and fabrication of transport equipment, our experienced engineering and operation team provided specific services and solutions that suit the project’s requirements and constraints best.