Heavy-Lift Modules Transport Challenges in Asia-Pacific

Deck Carrier, Geared Vessel, and Hydraulic Modular Trailer

The World’s First Modular Ammonia Nitrate Plant, built in Pilbara Region, Western Australia, to supply fertilizer.
The owner of this plant contracted an EPC company to deliver the plant ‘turnkey’. Dextra Transport was the main transport contractor for the EPC company and started the first movements in the last quarter of 2013.

Consisting of over 180 modules transported with 10 dedicated shipments with self-propelled barge and geared vessels as well as hundreds of containers, the logistic challenges faced for this project were mainly coming from :

  • the remote delivery site location and its lack of infrastructure,
  • the specifications of modules transported,
  • the governmental quarantine requirements imposed when importing into Australia.


  • Deck Carrier Mooring

    Deck Carrier Mooring

  • Deck Carrier Load In

    Deck Carrier Load In

  • Geared Vessel Lift Off

    Geared Vessel Lift Off

  • Hydraulic Trailer Road Transport

    Hydraulic Trailer Road Transport



January 2013

Project Award

March 2013

Start Engineering

November 2013

First Shipment

October 2014

Last Shipment


Trailer Simulation and Seafastening Design

Dextra Industry & Transport has been awarded the ‘Heavy-Lift’ Package of this project, which has been unrolling for about 3 years overall: from the pre-award preparation work, to the design of a new unloading ramp in the closest port of Dampier, to the final positioning of modules at site. Engineering and preparation included road Survey, trailer simulation to estimate the required civil works as well as sea-fastening design. Dextra Transport also planned and coordinated the operations with the local Australian authorities.

With the heaviest unit weighing up to 850 Tons, this was the largest project Dextra Transport ever handled at that time.

The modules have been successfully delivered and their installation completed with no delay, guaranteeing smooth operations and savings for the customer.