Concrete Block Factory Dismantlement

Marking, Dismantling and Packing

Dextra scope of work was to dismantle and pack 1250 tons of equipment of an AAC Concrete Block Factory into containers from machinery parts, steel structure, bridges and stairs but also spare equipment. Sea freight from Latvia to to Dar Es Salaam Tanzania for Rebuilding in Rwamagana, Rwanda was under Dextra responsibility as well.

AAC block (Aerated Autoclaved Concrete) is a lightweight, high-insulating and durable building product, which is produced in a wide range of sizes and strengths. AAC Blocks is lightweight and compared to the red bricks AAC blocks are three times lighter.

  • Sand Mill Lifting

    Sand Mill Lifting

  • Dismantlement of Silos

    Dismantlement of Silos

  • Packing and Loading into Container

    Packing and Loading into Container

  • Boiler Flat Rack Loading on Low Bed Trailer

    Boiler Flat Rack Loading on Low Bed Trailer



October 2017

First Survey

November 2017

Start Dismantlement

February 2018

Finish Dismantlement


Containers Stuffing and Tracking

Dextra Transport provides its services worldwide. To ease the management of this project, Dextra Transport engineers had divided the operations into 4 phases: Marking, Dismantlement, Packing & Loading, and Shipping: 

Phase 1: Marking 

Every part of the factory that needed to be removed received a unique bar code, containing all necessary information for the reinstallation of the equipment. 

Phase 2: Dismantlement 

During the dismantlement of the factory, Dextra Transport team emphasized on the optimization of the project and the safety of the manpower. Ten main areas of the factory have been dismantled: Steam boiler plant, autoclaves, silos, sand mill, curing room, dosing & mixing equipment, cutting line, packing line, electrical cables and cabinets and the spare parts. 

Phase 3: Packing & Loading 

Every dismantled part was meticulously packed, tagged, and loaded into 74 different containers, which were also precisely secured.

At this stage, Dextra Industry Transport supervised the packing and loading operations.

All loaded parts were traceable for the client through our online platform.

Online platform tracking for client

Phase 4: Shipping 

After the packing and loading phase, the containers were loaded on trucks, transported by land to the port, loaded on vessel and transit to the final port destination in Tanzania. Plus, in order to provide complete solutions to our customers, Dextra Transport also provided custom clearance services in Europe.