Lifting engineering


  • Lifting equipment selection

    Our team can select the best lifting solution for a specific project considering the available space, cargo and crane dimensions, access to site, crane maneuverability and obstacles with the goal of ensuring the safe handling of loads while minimizing risks to personnel and property.
  • Lifting Structural Analysis

    The lifting structural analysis is performed to check that the structure of the cargo can withstand the anticipated load that will occur during the lifting operations. The structure is analyzed through all the phases of lifting considering the international standard load factors.
  • Lifting Studies

    Lifting plan is essential for ensuring that lifting operations are carried out in a controlled manner. The document outlines the methods to perform the lifting including the weight of the load, the equipment, rigging details and the safety factor.
  • Ground Bearing Calculations

    Ground bearing calculations involve assessing the capacity of the ground or surface on which lifting equipment will be positioned to support the loads being lifted. These calculations consider factors such as the weight and dimensions of the lifting equipment, the load being lifted, and any additional loads or forces that may be present during the lifting operation.
  • Rigging and lifting equipment design

    Rigging design encompasses selecting appropriate rigging gears such as slings, shackles, and chains, as well as determining the layout, arrangement, and attachment points for these components based on factors such as the weight, size, and lifting configuration, as well as environmental conditions and safety considerations.


To ensure smooth and safe lifting operations, our engineers provide a comprehensive range of lifting engineering services tailored to project specific needs:

  • Lifting equipment selection (mobile crane, crawler crane, ringer crane)
  • Onshore and Offshore Lifting Structural Analysis,
  • Single crane, dual crane lift, top and tail Lifting studies,
  • Ground Bearing Calculations,
  • Rigging and lifting equipment design.