Mechanical engineering


  • Plant Dismantlement and Relocation

    Our engineers support the plant dismantlement and relocation projects by designing packing solutions, elaborating lifting plan, container stuffing plan and related transport activities such as lashing and sea fastening.
  • Custom made packing and packaging

    Dextra Transport can design and fabricate specialized packing and packaging solutions tailored specifically to the dimensions, shape, weight and fragility of the machinery or equipment. It will ensure the goods are securely protected during transportation, storage, and handling.
  • Machinery installation procedure

    This procedure outlines the systematic steps and guidelines for properly installing and setting up industrial machinery or equipment. It includes the requirements for site preparation, rigging and hoisting, foundation, and testing.
  • Tailor made handling equipment design

    Our engineering team creates personalized handling equipment perfectly suited to the specific requirements of machinery project. From customized turntables to specialized skidding systems and more, our solutions ensure safe and efficient installation of the goods in a timely manner.
  • Jacking and skidding studies

    A jacking and skidding study is a comprehensive analysis conducted to evaluate the feasibility and methodology of lifting and moving heavy objects or structures using jacking and skidding techniques. This study ensures that lifting and moving operations are conducted with precision, safety, and efficiency, meeting project requirements and objectives.


Apart from expertise in maritime, land transport, and lifting engineering, Dextra Transport offers a range of additional engineering services related to mechanical operations, including:

  • Plant Dismantlement and Relocation,
  • Custom made packing and packaging,
  • Machinery installation procedure,
  • Tailor made handling equipment design,
  • Jacking and skidding studies.