Gas Turbines Skidding and Installation by Gantry Crane

Heavy Equipment Installation in Congested Industrial Environment

For the replacement of an old GE frame 9 gas turbine with a new one at Bangkok South EGAT power plant, the project owners General Electric and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand called for experienced professionals, capable to handle the transport and installation of two 178 tons gas turbine casings in congested industrial environment.
With its well-known expertise and experience, Dextra Transport has been awarded, and took the lead in the design, engineering, management and execution of the project’s operations.

  • Turbine transport relocation

    Site Preparation for Skidding

  • Hydraulic Trailer and Gantry crane

    Transfer from Hydraulic Trailer to Gantry Crane

  • Heavyload - Gantry Crane and Turntable

    Transfer from Gantry Crane to Turntable

  • Skidding heavy load

    Skidding of Turbine inside the Plant

  • Turbine transport relocation

    Installation of turbine to final position



April 2016


July 2017

First Gas Turbine Installation

August 2018

Second Gas Turbine Installation


In-house Engineered Turntable and Skidding System

From the preparation work to the planning, coordination and execution of the operations, including the design and fabrication of specialized handling equipment, Dextra Transport team provided safe and efficient solutions for the replacement of the gas turbines within the shortest possible power plant shutdown. Our engineers also issued method statements and calculations notes, as well as the operations risk analysis and safety plans.

Precise and professional methods are the key factors for the success of the project.

To guarantee smooth and successful transfer of both gas turbines to the plant, Dextra Transport engineered, prepared and drove precise operations including civil work modifications of the power plant, allowing teams to obtain sufficient space for the installation of the gas turbine.
In order to ease the transfer of the first gas turbine casing GT201 from its storage area to the plant foundation, the side wall of the plant was temporarily opened. A combination of modular trailer, gantry crane and custom made handling equipment, e.g. turntable and skidding equipment, was used for this operation.
The methods used for the transfer of the second casing were slightly different. The GT202 has been relocated from its storage area to loading bay by a modular trailer, and then to foundation by a gantry crane system.

After successfully installed the turbine casings, Dextra Transport team also planned and coordinated the reinstatement of the plant.