Land Transport Engineering


  • Transportation Study

    Dextra Transport can assess and identify obstacles and interferences along a proposed route as per a specific transport envelope, weight, configuration, and local regulations. Based on its conclusion our team can offer appropriate solutions.
  • Lashing Calculations

    Determining the appropriate methods and specifications for securing cargo or equipment on a trailer using lashings, straps, chains, or other securing mechanisms. These calculations typically consider factors such as the weight and dimensions of the cargo, the mode of transportation, the anticipated forces during transit (such as acceleration, deceleration, and curves).
  • Simulations and Road Improvements

    To ensure safe and successful operations in a tight schedule, Dextra engineers can prepare transport simulations to assess the required civil work modifications to overcome major obstacles on the heavy lift cargoes itinerary.
  • Bridges Reinforcements

    Strengthening or enhancing the structural integrity of a bridge to increase its load-bearing capacity, durability, and overall safety. This may involve various techniques such as adding additional support structures, reinforcing existing materials, or implementing structural modifications to improve the bridge's ability to withstand heavy loads to allow safe passage of convoys.
  • Roro Jetty

    Dextra has the experience and capabilities to design landing facility to offload heavy lift cargoes by roll on / roll off allowing temporary storage of cargoes before road transport by night and safe mooring of vessel or barge.
  • Transport Auxiliary Equipment

    Load spreaders, transport beams, stools and any other transport auxiliary equipment can be designed by Dextra Transport to allow safe transport and storage of the cargoes.


To facilitate all our operations and adhere to safety protocols and client general specifications, our in-house engineers can supply an extensive array of services relating to land transportation, including but not limited to:

  • Road surveys and feasibility studies,
  • Transport drawings, simulations, and related engineering,
  • Lashing calculations,
  • Transport auxiliary equipment design (beams, stools, etc),
  • SPMT and conventional hydraulic trailers stability including spine beams verifications,
  • Load In and Load out including ballasting and mooring calculations,
  • Road reinforcements and enhancements,
  • Bridge studies and reinforcements,
  • Roro jetty design.