Complete Transfer of Production Lines

CNC Machines Dismantlement, Packing and Loading

In July 2020, Dextra Transport and Fracht Brazil were invited by General Motors to participate in the bid for the complete transfer of the engine block and cylinder head production lines installed at the GM Thailand plant, to the GM plant in São José dos Campos in Brazil.

This huge and complex project with more than 3600 items and 7600 freight tons to dismantle, pack and ship was awarded to Dextra Industry & Transport after numerous round of negotiations.

The great challenge of this project was to carry out, in addition to decommissioning, the complete recovery of the area where the machines were originally installed, in a period of 4 months and during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • Industrial relocation - plant dismantlement

    Safety Tool Box Talk

  • Industrial relocation - plant dismantlement

    Dismantlement CNC Machine

  • Industrial relocation - plant dismantlement

    Pre-packing machineries

  • Industrial relocation - plant dismantlement

    Loading bay

  • Industrial relocation - plant dismantlement


  • Industrial relocation - plant dismantlement

    Stuffing container

  • Industrial relocation - plant dismantlement

    OOG Steel Cases Transport

  • Industrial relocation - plant dismantlement

    Loading on geared vessel



September 2020

Purchase order

October 2020

Kick-Off Meeting

January 2021

Completion of dismantlement and packing

March 2021

Shipping to Brazil


Container Stuffing and Warehousing

The following activities were contractually part of DEXTRA scope of work:

  1. Planning of operations in Thailand, meeting GMTh plant delivery commitments to the new owner
  2. Marking, dismantling and cleaning of machines, including collecting the dismantling procedure from more than 8 OEMs (Owner Equipment Manufactures)
  3. Removal and transport of machines to DEXTRA’s warehouse for cargo preparation and packing
  4. Recovery and cleaning of the floor of the manufacturing unit after removal of the machines
  5. Design, supply, fabrication and installation of 43 oversized steel cases for the packing of oversized CNC machines
  6. Packing and stuffing of all in gauge components in containers
  7. Road Transport to the Thai Port of Laem Chabang

Lifting and stowage on the break bulk vessel in departure for the port of Santos in Brazil