Industrial services and relocation solutions

Dismantlement and relocation

At Dextra, we are also specialized in industrial services, including seamless installation and relocation solutions. Our professional and experienced team is dedicated to find efficient dismantling solution for entire factories and ensuring safe transportation to destinations worldwide. Every step is meticulously planned to guarantee the integrity of components and facilitate efficient reassembly at the destination.

Our skilled team goes beyond dismantling, offering additional services such as tailor made packing for heavy and fragile machineries. With a commitment to precision and safety, Dextra ensures a smooth relocation for your industrial assets, no matter the scale or complexity.

Example of our solutions provided - case study 5:

Complete Transfer of Production Lines

industrial service relocation case study5

For large and heavy structures, Dextra can supply specialized Jacking & Gantry services to lift and move heavy loads with precision and stability, ensuring an efficient transfer. Dextra can design and manufacture special tooling for the dismantling and installation of critical machineries.

Example of our solutions provided - case study 8:

Gas Turbine Replacement

industrial service relocation


Customized Packing Solution

Our packing solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each item. Whether it's delicate machinery, heavy equipment, or intricate components, we use the highest quality materials and techniques to safeguard your assets throughout the transportation process.

Dextra prioritizes the secure handling of your industrial assets. Our team is trained in advanced handling techniques to minimize the risk of damage during packing, loading, and unloading. We utilize specialized equipment and tools to ensure the safe transit of your valuable cargo.

Throughout the packing and handling process, we maintain meticulous documentation and inventory management. This ensures a seamless tracking system, enabling you to monitor the progress of your projects in real-time and facilitating smooth customs clearance procedures.

Trust Dextra for precision dismantling, customized packing, and secure handling – essential components of our comprehensive industrial and relocation services. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our expertise to meet the specific needs of your project.

caterpillar industrial relocation

Caterpillar (Thailand) Limited.

Type of Transport: Installation for PAMA machine

Commodity: 1 unit of New CNC PAMA Machine

Category: Project cargo

Difficulties for this job: The space at installation area (indoor area) is limit, client will clear obstacle in their factory, but we would like to unload the cargo outdoor and have a plan to move the cargo to installation area one by one.

And we decided to choose to install Gantry crane 200 Tons for assembly and installation process.

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caterpillar industrial relocation

Customer: Nestle Purina

Project: Silo Lifting

Commodity: 8 units of meal Silo framing plan.

Scope: Jacking and lifting up of silo framing to 1.2 meter height.

Any specifications, difficulties met for this job or any interesting information to know.

Nestle need to lift the silo upto 1.2 meter height with the limited of time due to the plan is running and they do not want to shut down for too long.  Our competitor propose solution to lift the silo 1 by 1 and it could take months. 
When Dextra made a site survey and study the requirement, so we bring a solution of using gantry crane to lift all the 8 Silo and structure in single lift.  Our job finish within 4 days. The challenging part was to insert the long  beam and spacer underneath the structure due to narrow area of the structure and the layout of the entrance. However we were able to successfully complete the job and Nestle was very happy of our professional solution.

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